Weighed down

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Some days - many days, lately, I feel simply exhausted.

Weighed down.

As if I am dragging something of unknown weight behind me.

I get so tired.

And then, ah, and then,

God meets me right where I am with exactly what I need.

I found this verse (I should say ‘uncovered’ as I am pretty sure it was there all along!),

I heard an unknown voice say,

“Now I will take the load from your shoulders. I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.”  (Psalm 81: 5b-6)

Oh, I know the verses where Christ says to us, “Come to me, you who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Perhaps it had become too familiar.

I’m not sure.

But when I read these verses that were written hundreds of years before Christ’s own words - it helped me to remember that God doesn’t change.

What He offered to the Jewish people so long before Christ’s birth, the same that was offered in Christ’s own words, are still being offered to me today - right now.

That weighty burden I am dragging behind me?

I am dragging it needlessly.  

He is ready and willing to free me from it.

All I need do?

Be ready and willing to let go.

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