What Are You Willing to Give Up for God?

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It’s becoming personal.

I know that must sound strange.

My walk with God is changing.  It is becoming far more personal that I ever dreamed it would.  

It’s requiring me to look deeply inside of myself, and hold nothing back.  Nothing.

I am so influence by the books I am reading.  No, not influenced … propelled in a direction that I’ve longed to take -  a direction of which I have only had brief glimpses.

Soul Revolution is a radical approach to God.  It requires that you attend to God every 60 minutes for 60 days.  It requires that you refocus you intentions on Him.

Yet, that has only propelled me forward. Those sixty days changed my life. And I want more.  

More seems be be becoming a word in my heart.  

I’m finding some of that “more” in Brother Lawrence’s tiny book, Practicing His Presence.

Not for 60 days.  Not every 60 minutes.  But every minute of every hour, seeking to stay connected.  It’s a daunting task and I am only at the beginning.  Yet, there are moments, hours, where I begin to succeed and I am amazed at the joy that is possible.  It is beyond anything I have ever know.

I have lived moments of joy before - but to see them expand and grow - I have no words.

It’s also requiring me to look inward to see what there is in my life that competes for my devotion to God.  

When asked to make a resolution, a firm and holy resolution to never again willfully stray from Him I balk.  “Stop now,” I am asked by Brother Lawrence, “ and agree with the Lord to live the rest of your days in His sacred presence.  Then, out of love for Him, surrender all other pleasures.”

What I have found, is that yes, I am willing … but there is a tiny corner of me that tightens up.  That holds back.  I seek to figure out what it is. I search inside myself. 

What is holding me back?


Fear that I will be unrecognized.  

Fear that I won’t matter.

Fear that I will be forgotten.

Fear that this life I am living will be meaningless.  

Beyond any other thoughts, these are the most painful for me. That is my deepest fear.

These tear at my soul and hold on to me, screaming that if I let go of my own desires, I will be nothing at all.  

You may not identify with those terrors at all.  You may have something completely different that holds you back from completely devoting yourself to Him. Perhaps, unlike me, devotion to our Lord comes easily.

I’m not sure how to release those fears of mine.  I want to.  I want to embark on this journey of being wholly His. I am going to embark on this journey of learning to live each  moment in His presence.

And those fears? 

I’m going to remember

“Can a woman forget her nursing child and have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.” (Isaiah 49:15)

And I am going to learn to practice His presence for the rest of my life.

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