What Goes Around … Again

It has been a bit over a year since I penned these words.  The need for them is still strong in me today.  With my mom's health rapidly failing and her memory fading to an alarming degree, the days get more and more challenging for our family.  My own health issues escalate with stress and my allergic reactions are flaring.  I hear the word of Joshua 1 echoing over and over ….


" … only be strong and courageous."  Joshua 1:18b

I'm noticing a common thread running through my life lately.  I have this saying (which I know I've written about before), that if I see something once that gets my attention - I kind of make a tiny mental note about it.  If I hear it twice, my eyebrows might raise a bit.  If I hear it three times ... well, I know that God is letting deni know that she darn well better pay attention.

Today, the daily verse I get was from Joshua - but it wasn't the Joshua 1:9 verse I was familiar with (Have I not commanded you, declares the Lord, "Be strong, be courageous, do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord, Your God, is with you wherever you go.")  - but it was close to it.  I looked at the reference and it was from the first chapter of Joshua.  It began with the words "Be strong and courageous ..." 

As I have memorized the words from Joshua 1:9, I thought reading the whole chapter was prudent at this point.

No wonder God says, "Have I not commanded you. . ." 

God says these words to Joshua not only verse 9, but also in verses 6 and 7!  There were my three times!

Be strong, be strong, be strong.

You know what I loved the most about this?  

After God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous three times (and in one verse ... very courageous), at the end of the chapter after Joshua has repeated God's words to the Israelites, they answer back to him and end with, "Only be strong and courageous."

That makes four times. 

What I am seeing today is another thread that runs through my life - that of "pay it forward," which God taught me after my daughter's untimely death.

God encourages us.  We share that encouragement with others.  And those same words come back to us to encourage us when we need them.  Kind of like the saying ... 'What goes around - comes around.'

I have seen that happen in this blog.  I have felt God encouraging me to share His words with you.  Yet, I am receiving so much encouragement from you - my readers.  I am not sure who is more blessed.

I guess my words to you today are, "Be strong, be courageous (and very courageous if need be!).  Repeat them to yourself until they become a part of you.

And then ... 

Pass it on when the time is right.

My heartfelt blessings on each one of you.

And remember ...

Be strong.

Be courageous.

For the Lord ... your God .. is with you wherever you go.

Father God.  Thank you - simply thank you for the strength and courage you can give to us.  Thank you for the encouragement we receive from you and the blessings returned to us by others.  Amen and amen.  


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