What If We Can't Hold On Any Longer?


Sustain me according to Your word, that I may live' and do not let me be ashamed of my hope.  Psalm 119:116

sustain |səˈstān|verb [ with obj. ]

strengthen or support physically or mentally

• cause to continue or be prolonged for an extended period or without interruption: .• (of a performer) represent (a part or character) convincingly: 

• bear (the weight of an object) without breaking or falling

"Hang in there."

"Just keep holding on."

"Don't let go."

All are encouragements that we hear during difficult times.  We might say these things to others.  The words might be said to us.  

What I find interesting is that all imply that it is we who are doing the work.

Sometimes, it feels like we can't hold on any longer.  You've probably heard the saying - "When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hold on."

I know there are times when we feel we can't hold on a second more.  We are done in. Depleted.  There is nothing left to hold on with.

That's when I like to remember Scriptures like the one above.  The Psalmist is asking God to do the work as he has nothing left.

"Hold on to me, God."  

"Strengthen me, Lord."

"Carry me - I've no strength to go on."

It is scary to be in those places - those times when we feel we have nothing left.  Yet, those are the exact same times that we need to remember that it is God's power that brings us through the bad times.  It is through Him and Him alone.  

And what sustains us?

God's Word.

It alone is what nourishes us. It is the source of our strength. It becomes our sustenacne.

I encourage you to search out the verses that will sustain you.  Write them down, underline them in your Bible (if you are an underlining sort!)  Keep them before you.  

And when you feel you can no longer hold on?

Remember He is holding on to you.

Father God, Thank you for Your words.  Help us to remember to seek them out - that in your word we will find the sustanance we need when we can not hold on by ourselves - when we need You sustaining us.  Amen and amen. 


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