What Legacy Will You Leave?

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Do you ever feel like some moments in life are “ milestone moments”?  The kind where you are offered a choice that could literally change everything?  No, not the ones where things happen around you, but the ones where you are making a choice that could impact the rest of your life - and the lives that come after you.

I read a wonderful devotional (link below) about leaving a legacy.  I always enjoy Karlton's writings, but this one hit home so very hard.

I had grand dreams of my legacy - had a mission statement for my life that I carefully crafted - and then, just as carefully tucked away when all my challenges descended.  How could I possible leave a legacy now?

Well, it won't be the one I had dreamed of - that is for certain.  But, like it or not, I will be leaving a legacy for those few lives I still touch.  Right now, my thoughts are centering on my family.

How will they remember me?  Will they see me still trying to do all can possibly do?  Or will they see me bundled up in my recliner watching TV - as I resign myself to my fate.  

Will they see me tap tap tapping away on my keyboard as I write every day I have the energy to?  Will they remember how I forced myself to exercise, even when I didn't want to?  Will they remember me with a smile on my face - or will they remember the words that document each ache and pain I feel.

This hits me so hard.

My life has gotten more challenging - that is for sure. New health issues, more tests, waning energy. Part of me just wants to crawl away and give up.

Is that what I want them to remember?

And, more importantly, is that the life I want to lay at the feet of the Lord, when this walk on earth is over?

I am seeing that each moment is a choice.  Each moment the question is being asked - and answered.

What kind of legacy am I leaving?

The thought is almost too big for words - yet the question is out there, whether I want to think about it or not.

And every moment - I am answering that question.

Perhaps it is a question you need to ask yourself, too.

Father God, walking with our challenges can be so overwhelming that we want to simply give up - wondering if there is any reason at all for not retreating from life and hiding ourselves and our hearts away.  I pray you grant us the wisdom to see we are leaving a legacy in Your name - and that you and you alone will grant us the strength and endurance to carry on as you would have us - living in You each step of the way and leaving our testimony in the steps behind us.

Amen and amen.

Karlton Douglas's Rest Ministries Devotional

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