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Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105 

I finished my read through of Psalms yesterday, and today I began again reading Psalm 1-5.

I’m finding that this repetitive reading is having an interesting effect on me.

Psalms ends on such a high note of praise … it was exciting to see them culminate in such intense praise of God.

I started thinking about the journey through Psalms.

David, and the other writers, wrote of so many different parts of their life.  So many are personal - and ones I relate to.

But, as one neared the end of the book, the focus was less and less on the writers and more and more on God.

This is what I am praying for in my life.

So far, reading this way is a good strategy for me.

I can handle one chapter in Proverbs a day.

Five Psalms isn’t that challenging to accomplish.  (Except for the day that included Psalm 119.  I’m thinking of making that one have a day for itself!)

Now, I’ve started listening to the book of Ephesians.

It has seemed daunting to me to think of reading a whole book of the Bible in one setting.  Yet, I think I saw Ephesians in a different light when I viewed it as a whole.

My challenge (another YouVersion study) is to read (listen) to the entire book each day for 21 days.

What an amazing way to immerse yourself in God’s word and get to know Him in a different light.

I’ve always taken the Bible more piecemeal. 

I find I am really liking spending concentrated time, with a goal in view.

I’m not sure if this method of study would help anyone else.

I know it is helping me.

And, like the ending of the book of Psalms, I pray I end up with my focus on nothing but God himself.

Being in the Word changes you in surprising ways.

So, no profound thoughts or ideas or questions for you all today.  Just an encouragement to find a plan for reading (or listening!) to God’s Word.

Find what works for you,

And apply daily …

Blessings to each one of you!

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