What Your Words Say About You

This was a challenging post for me to read through.  You see, I still battle with my words.  Well, maybe not my words, but the tone in which I say things.  I am prone to gossip about someone rather than pray for them.  And, I still use some of my old excuses that I don’t feel well, so my unkindness should be taken into account.  I don’t know if any of you deal with this issue - but this is still an “Ouch” post for me!

What Your Words Say About You

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The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21 (NIV)

I try to focus on my illnesses as teachers.  They have uncovered many a thing in me that probably would have remained hidden. I have to admit, that the uncovering sometimes hurts more than the illnesses.

I am finding my biggest battle is currently with my own tongue.  The Lord has shown me how critical a spirit I can have and how negative I have become.

There.  I said it “out loud” to all of you reading.  Ouch.  That is NOT the “deni” I want to be. Then why do I excuse my sharp tone of voice and abrupt comments by saying, “I’m not feeling well today” or “I’m so tired today.  Please just leave me alone”?

Why do I look so critically at the things my husband does to try and help.  If something is not  done MY way, I have to point it out.  “But dear,” I may say with sickening sweetness, thinking it will cover up the sting of my words, “We fold the towels lengthwise not that way.”  Or “But honey, I separate the clothes before I wash them THIS way …”  And I wonder why he stops helping out!

So deni, it is decision time. How am I going to choose to use my tongue?  Will I use it to bring life, hope and encouragement?  Or will I bring despair, negativity, and discouragement to those around me? I know this is a really tough one for me to face.

Jesus asked the man at the Bethesda pool if he wanted to get well (John 5).  I ask myself “Do I want to get well, or do I cling to parts of my illnesses because they excuse behaviors I want to cling to?” 

So the challenge comes, dear reader.  Am I allowing Christ to use my illnesses to bring Him glory?  Or am I using them to excuse behaviors that only perpetuate pain:  my own and others?

Father God,  I know that you have a plan for all things including my illnesses.  You have, for whatever reason, allowed them in my life.  I give my illnesses over to you and ask that you use them as you see fit, whether it be to cause me to grow in you or to help others and to give all the glory to You.  May the fruits of the Spirit be seen in me, not in spite of my illnesses, but also, because of them.  Amen and Amen.  So be it, Lord.

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