What’s in Your Tool Box?


In my “previous life,” I worked as a psychologist.  My specialty was working with children with emotional disabilities.

One of the things I used to emphasize was the need to have a toolbox handy.  No, not hammers and screwdrivers, but tools to help manage what life throws at us.  I’m realizing that in this new life of mine, I need to restock that toolbox.  The tools I had in it previously are pretty useless.

When stressed, I used to go for bike rides.  I used to go outside and play in the dirt.  (My term for gardening.)  I used to go to antique malls.  I used to dance. I used to play music - perform.  I loved that life!

When I look at that previously successful toolbox, I realize just how much life has changed for me.  So, I am restocking that toolbox to fit my life right now.

One thing that wasn’t the “go-to” tool for me was my spiritual side.  Now, it’s the most important tool I have.


But there are other things I am learning help me on this new road.

While I can’t get up and dance - I can listen to music as I exercise and try to “dance” as I do them, making my movements as graceful as possible, in time to the music.

I’ve compiled different playlists on my iPad and phone.

Music to calm me down.

Music that is uplifting and praises God.

Music that makes me feel good.

My artwork dabbles now go in that toolbox.  I know I that creating helps me to feel better.  Color - lots of color - thrills my soul.

Pinterest is in my toolbox.  I have so many different loves that I thought were excluded from my life that I can pin on my board and go back to over and over.  Things I’ve always wanted to do - things I can do - things I can just appreciate. (As long as I stay out of the comparison trap.)

I’ve become a fan of Rhonda Jones The Christian Meditator site, and have downloaded a number of her meditations.  Ones to wake me up.  Ones to calm me down.  Ones to encourage me.

That toolbox is rapidly filling up!

And, of course, reading Scripture and working on memorizing verses.  I use ScriptureTyper on my iPad - and what is nice is that it has several levels of memorization.  You can Master a verse - know it completely by heart.  You can fill in every other word, or you can simply type the verse as it comes up.  I’m mostly at the every other word place - and that is ok.

I’m reading more.  I’ve read so much on my phone, I’ve forgotten how much I love the feel of a book - underlining as I go along.  

So, for a gal who has “nothing” to do - there is still a lot I can do.

And I’m grateful.

I’d like to share another song that is at the top of my list right now.

It’s “How You Live (Turn Up the Music)” by Point of Grace.  God is telling me, through that song, that I can still live - really live - and it’s how I live that matters.

I just need different tools than I had before.

So, I ask - what is in your toolbox?  Outdated tools that no longer help and frustrate you as you see them tucked away?  Or have you dumped out the old and are finding new tools that will help you live as successfully as you can?

It’s not who you know - and it’s not what you do - it’s how you live.

It’s how we let Jesus live through us.

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And as for me?  I’m putting on my red dress.  

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