When is ‘More' Enough? 2

This was meant to be sent out yesterday, but my website seems to have a mind of its own.


Do you like honey? Don't eat too much, or it will make you sick! Proverbs 25:16 

I learn lessons the hard way.

Today, I started having all sorts of headaches with my email accounts.

Yes, accounts.  Plural.  WAY plural.

And the headaches multiplied exponentially.

I tend to overthink.

Over do - go way beyond what I really need, just because I can.

I make things complicated. (Don’t ask how many websites I am trying to keep running ….)

I had email servers conflicting with other email servers.  

I was so frustrated - and down right angry.  Why couldn’t this just go right. I literally spent hours trying to fix something that just wouldn’t happen. 

I felt this God nudge.

“deni, do you really need all those email addresses?”

I tried to justify the <mumble> email accounts I have.

“Well, I need one for my encouraging words, and one for my subscriptions, and one for my painting website, and one for my …"

I stopped to think about all the times I have forgotten which email account I’ve used for a certain program if I need to call support for help. (Not to mention remembering passwords!)

No wonder things are bolloxing up.

So, my life continues to be cluttered in more way than one.

This year is the year of simplifying - and boy do I have a lot to learn.

Sitting in this recliner day after day has made it easy to clutter around my chair, on my phone, on my computer.  My life.

I have so much more than I need.

But never as much as I want.

Hmmm … I need to stop and think about that for a while.

More than I need, but not as much as I want.

I think I need to go have a talk with God.  I’ll write more tomorrow. 

Hopefully with fewer email accounts.

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