When It’s Hard to Trust

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I have this “thing” about things coming in threes.

No - not superstitions - but an awareness that sometimes time number three means I best pay attention.

If I hear something once - I may or may not pay attention to it.

If it crosses my path a second time, it might sink in a bit.

But the third time?  Ah, that third time lets me know this is something I truly need to pay attention to.

Yesterday, I was reading through my five Psalms for the day when I ran across this.

“Oh Israel, trust the Lord, He is your helper and your shield.

Oh priests, descendants of Aaron, truth the Lord! He is your helper and your shield.

All of you who fear the Lord, trust the Lord!  He is your helper and your shield.” Psalm 115: 9-11 NLT


First verse?  Applies to Israel, not me … right?

Second?  Priests and descendants.  Doesn’t apply to me.

But the third?  All of you who fear (reverence) the Lord?  Well, yeah - that’s me.

Trust isn’t easy for me.  I think I grew up distrusting the world.  I saw it as hostile and uncaring, with not much room for love.  And trust …?  Well.  No.

Yet there it is in black and white.  Three times.

Trust in the Lord - He is your helper and your shield.

I guess when you have learned not to trust people, it makes it challenging to trust God.  Yet, I am realizing that He is indeed my helper and my shield.

Without Him, I’d not be able to manage what life dealt to me the past few years.

I guess, to those who don’t know Him, these things would be all the more reason not to trust Him.

But they are not - as I watch how He upholds me when I’m sure I cannot take another step.  Somehow, miraculously, I always do.

And I know now, more than I ever have before, that He IS trustworthy.  He is my helper - and my shield.

And if you belong to Him?

He is yours, as well.

Even on the days when you are sure you can’t take another step.

Father God, thank you for your amazing mercies and grace - for how tenderly you deal with us as we travel this difficult road.  Thank you that we can trust You, trust in You, and know you are our helper - and our shield.  Amen and amen.

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