When the Creation Creates

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You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 

I guess that the thing I love to do the most is create.  Whether it is with words, or colors, or ideas.  I love to create.

I read something the other day that stated God is so awesome that gave His creations the ability to create.

That was something I truly understood last night.

I’ve been garnering the strength and energy to participate in another art vendor show.  With new frames and new mats beckoning to me, I decided to work on a few new pastels.

While I love my other forms of creativity, working with pastels brings me the most joy.

Sometimes, the little paintings just seem to flow from brush to paper with little thought on my part.  It almost just “happens.”

Upon finishing one of my 2.5” x 3.5” miniatures, I just sat and stared at it.

“Wow,” I thought. “I created that!”

I found myself talking out loud to God.  (Something I seem to be more and more wont to do lately.)

“Is this how You felt?  When You created the worlds, the skies, the sunset?  Did it give You feelings of joy and wonder? Almost unspeakable joy? Is this was it was like for You?”

Now, I know my creations are nowhere near the wonders that God has created.  But the feeling!  The feeling of taking almost nothing - and creating something beautiful.  That was such a joyous, invigorating feeling.

My life has been bereft of joy for a such long time.  I didn’t think I’d ever find “happy” again after my daughter was brutally killed in 2005.  It’s been a long road since.

Joy has not been an emotion I live with on a daily basis.  Yet, as I focus more and more on God, I’m finding that joy still exists.

To be honest, I’d have called you a liar if you had told me that such joy could still be found in my life, as I have dealt with challenge after challenge.

So many times, the world has seemed bleak and empty: Devoid of anything but darkness.

Yet, here I am.

Feeling the good feelings once again.

I guess I’d encourage you, if you are in that dark, dismal place, to hold on.  Hold on and seek God.  Seek Him with all your heart, even if it is what you feel least like doing.

For God is able to take those impossible situations, and not only bring you through them, but bring you face to face with joy.

It can happen.

I know.

I’m living it.

You can, too.


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