When You Don't Know What To Do


Your ears will hear a word behind you, “ This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.  Isaiah 30:21

For many diverse reasons, this is a storm-tossed day for me.  There are problems I see no solutions to 'most everywhere I look.

It's a day that could cause fear to rise up in me.

It's a day that I could sit and mull over all of the "what if's" that are on my mind.

I am choosing not to do that.

It's been a while since I've written about this - but for some reason, it came to mind that I needed to write about it again.

What do you do, when you are upset, storm-tossed, and not at all comforted?

A long time ago, I learned the answer to this.  I find I fall back on it more and more.

You do the next thing.

Days like today can put me into "freeze" mode.  I know that "fight or flight" are the two most well-known responses.  But there is a third.  Freeze.  

And I freeze everywhere except my mind.  My mind starts going 90-miles-an-hour, yet I am unable to function.

That is when I have to tell myself, 

"Do the next thing."

And I might have to tell myself more than once.  

It's not "do the next thing," as in solve the problem.

It's "what is the very next thing I need to do?"

Sometimes that is to ask my son to make me a cup of tea.  

Sometimes, it is to simply pick up my Bible or say a prayer.  

Sometimes, it is more concrete like write that email I've been putting off.

It's doing whatever the next step is and not worry about further than that until it is then time for the next step.

I guess it comes back to baby steps again.

The point is to do something.  Break that cycle of worry and fear.  

For me it is to pray first and ask God to show me the next step.  The next step is usually logical.  What is the very next thing that needs to be done.  

Now, I have no idea if you are a "frozen" person or not.  I don't really know if this will help you or not.

But it is helping me today.

For me the next step was to write this blog post.

Now that the post is done, my next step is to reread it.  I don't have to think further than that right now.  I'll know when it is time for the step after that.

So, if this post helps you today, I'm grateful.

If it is not what you are looking for today, I pray that you can tuck it away for a time when you might possibly need to simply do the next thing.

Father God, I thank You that You provide for us with amazing promises.  I thank You that we can trust You to show us the next step even when next steps make no sense.  Thank for you patience and your guidance.  And Lord ... thank You for being You. Amen and amen.

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