When Your Life Falls Apart

A good friend of mine suggested that I might go into “reruns” for a while, as my ability to write is somewhat compromised right now.  I think it’s a good idea as I’ve had many new readers since I began this blog  seven years ago.  (Wow! That long ago!)

So - for an undetermined period of time, I’ll be re-posting devotionals that are meaningful for myself as I revisit them, and pray that they encourage you as well.


 When Life Falls Apart

(originally published  2008)

Simon Peter answered him, “ ord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God" (John 6:68 NIV)

Where DO you go when life falls apart?  I read a lot of different devotionals that are emailed to me.  One particular devotional had the above verse as a reference.  This has always been one of my favorite verses; probably from the time I was going through a pretty ugly and unexpected divorce and being left to raise four children on my own.

Where else is there to go?  When your spouse leaves, when your child dies, when your health falters, when you lie in bed unable to get up because of the way your body responds … where DO you go?

In the past, my first response was to run to the telephone and call someone.  I soon realized that was often the only time I called on them – when life fell apart.  What a startling revelation to realize I oft times treated my Lord and Savior that way.  When did I run to him?  When life fell apart.

Did I run to Him when things were good?  When I had a day I COULD get up and move around?  When my grandchild was born?  When my husband, although dealing with cancer, would bring me a cup of tea.

What a sobering thought.  Not only “to whom” do I go, but also  … when?

Father God, I pray you take Peter’s words and anchor them in my very soul and underline that it is not only in the times of trials and tribulations that I can run to You, but also with the small joys and gifts You give along the way.  May I always humbly realize You are with me in the good times as well as the bad – that You love me enough to be there, always.  I pray I always give  You Your rightful place as Lord of my WHOLE life, not simply the Lord of the days when my life falls apart.  Amen

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