Yesterday: Where the Rubber Hit the Road for Me


I almost didn’t write today.

Yet, I’ve heard the best thing to do when you are discouraged is to reach out to try and encourage someone else.

So, that is what I am doing.

I’ll start off by saying up front that I’m back at home and ok - so I won’t hold you in suspense for the rest of the story.

Another ER run yesterday - beginning to seem like I need a standing reservation for weekends.

This one jolted me.  Felt a funny taste in my mouth and ended up with several mouthfuls of blood.  Unnerving to say the least.  

Panic call to 911 using life alert.

While medical personnel were here, I vomited phlegm and a blood clot.  I continued to spit out small amounts of bloody phlegm.  Yep.  I was scared.

I remembered my own words from yesterday.

How could God use me in THIS situation?  

Three IV attempts were unsuccessful.  The medics were going over my medical history and were taken aback my extensive range of challenges.  

(I’d strongly encourage each of you to keep a up-to-date document of all your doctors and contact numbers, medications - who prescribed what and what for what purpose, as many meds have off label uses,  medical conditions, allergies, insurance info, and surgeries with you and up to date.  Medical personnel LOVE having organized information to look at. I don’t know how many times we have heard comments that they wished more people had their info in writing. Make an extra copy they can keep.

Take your meds with you.  Food if you have to take with food.  We have pouches of applesauce.  I need my own water and soaps.  I need pressure wraps instead of tape.  We carry our own. Be prepared! It’s appreciated.)

It seems to be the tendency for people to see or hear my history and say something to the effect of, “Oh, you poor dear … you’ve had to deal with so much.”

Wow - an open door for a pity party.  (One of which I am fighting off right now by writing to you all.)

How could God use this?

I’ll admit my attempt was feeble.  It’s nothing I’ve practiced and it was far from using the opportunity to evangelize.  I simply said, “Yes, and God has gotten me through all of it.” 

Often, all I did was try to thank each person who helped me.  Let them know what they did that was special - commented on how hard they worked, etc.  I tried to be as patient as possible waiting for results and for the doctor.  I let them know I truly appreciated their care.  It was nice to see smiles cross harried faces and feel the heartfelt thanks that they were appreciated.  We were even thanked (my son who was with me) and I for being so nice.  They wished they had more people like us. It makes a huge difference for them.  It helped me not to think about ME. I prayed it was God using me to encourage them.

I was able to see God’s blessings in the ER.

Pat, a veteran nurse, who was willing to stay over her shift to make sure my IV got started on her first try.  She promised not to attempt or dig unless she knew she could get a good blood flow.  She did.  It has taken up to 10 attempts to get an IV going on me in the past, or a cath lab ultrasound.  She got it in one stick in my hand using every trick she knew.

The nurse who answered each call and was kind and caring.  I’m not sure I ever noticed that before - being so focused on my own needs and fears.  I realized that they are people trying ever so hard in a very difficult venue - saving … and sometimes losing … lives.

The upshot for me medically is that there were no significant changes in any of my blood work numbers to suggest a significant internal bleed. Nothing to suggest I needed admitting into the hospital.  So - I’m referred back to the appropriate doctors that I can call on Tuesday, if nothing else happens in between.

As of this morning, the bleeding hasn’t returned.  

Yet, the memories from yesterday remain and I find myself handing those self-same problems to God again and again.  i start to worry if they missed something.  I question why I left with no answers.  Why did I bleed like that to begin with?

I have to reread the words I’ve written over the past few days about worrying.

Talk about where the rubber hits the road!

How could God use yesterday?

By making it my writing for today.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Digital Image by Stuart Miles

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