You Gotta Have a Sense of Humor

melting snowman

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

This is one of the more bizarre days in our household - from a sick cat who needs to get to the vet and our cat carrier being loaned out - to my not being able to stand up straight (The after effects of the storm last night.  I think my body is now a barometer.  The less I can move, the worse the weather is.)- to my mom needing to get to the doctor ... and my husbands knee looking infected, and , and, and ... and it's barely even noon.

Days like this can be so stressful.  You start to wonder what is coming down the pike next.

One of the ways I "defuse" is to text with my oldest son.  Even if he's not here with me, texting almost feels like he is.

We chatted a bit about what all was happening in.  I have to admit to feeling frustrated and kind of angry about it all.  Some of the things were preventable.  Some weren't.  But they all hit at once.

"I want to go home." I texted to my son jokingly.

"Nah .... home = yucky.  Let's go somewhere else."

I giggled a bit and texted back.

"True.  Desert island?"

It was a few minutes before I realized he had responded.

"How about a dessert island?"

I was laughing out loud by now.

Yep.  I'd not mind an island full of different desserts right about now.

The whole day looked different after that laugh.

It was as if the compass needle was pointing in the right direction now.

I love that the Bible tells us that laughter is good for us.

I love that laughter can change the whole way I see things.

I'm blessed with a family that has a good sense of humor.  It helps.  It really helps.

So today, look not only for the good - 

look for the giggle.

Can't hurt ... and it might help!!!

Father God, Thank you for the full range of emotions you have given to us.  Help us to realize that it is not always the situation itself that brings us down, but the attitude which we bring to it.  Help us to look for the good .... and appreciate the funny.  Amen and amen.


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