"You've Got a Friend"

Holding Hands 8

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:15

One of the more dramatic changes in my life came about because of my challenges: my loss of friends.  

Once I stopped grad school - those friends gradually faded.  I was no longer able to make the trips to Chicago to visit.  Our lives changed.  What we had in common changed as they went on into their professional lives.

My work friends were folks I new and saw at work.  Once I had to quit work, my contacts with those folks was almost nil. We truly didn't have much else in common other than work.

My church friends?  Same story, sad to say, and much less expected.

It often feels like I have just faded into the background.  

I miss having real life friends.  As I can no longer go out and I am pretty much ashamed to have anyone over due to the condition of our house, there is this hole that exists that my friends used to fill.

Yet, I look at the people God has place in my life via the internet.  It's pretty amazing.  I had to take some, for me, scary steps in joining online groups and beginning to submit my devotionals to Rest Ministries.  Yet, those steps were blessed.

I've made so many new friends through the writing of this blog.  I didn't anticipate that!

I am learning to be comfortable, sitting in my recliner, my precious cat at my side, and knowing that I have friends who I will never see who are only an email or a call away.

It strikes me that is somewhat like my relationship with God.

I can't see Him.  I can't touch Him.  Yet, He is always only a thought away.  

I know some folks say that God doesn't seem "real" to them.  They believe in Him.  Yet, the substance of Him hasn't become a reality to them.  They long for more.

The way I'm seeing it today is that God is as real a person to me as the folks I know only via online.  We might never talk in person.  We might never hear one another's voice.  But I know they are there and they are my  friends.

It's such a blessing to know that the same thing can be said of Christ.  He calls us his friends.  And as such I think we need to cultivate that friendship just as we cultivate our online friends.  

Our highest calling?

To know Him.

He already knows us and is waiting for us to make the next move.

Father God, Thank you that you not only want to be our God - but also our friend.  Help us to truly grow close to You, through prayer, through listening, through Your word, as we learn to see who You truly are.  Increase our desire to know You and love You.  It's hard to learn to live a new life, Lord.  Thank You that You walk beside us each step of the way.  Amen and amen.

This song came to mind as I was searching for the title of this posting.  Sometimes it seems as if God is singing to me.  This is one of those songs! (Carol King "You've Got a Friend")


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